Saturday, 20 February 2010

THS-02 - What we think.

We'd give THS-02 a solid 3 out of 5 , its a wonderful piece of engineering but sadly the truck mode lets it down, dont get me wrong its fine when attached to the trailer but standalone its weak. The transformation is also very fiddly with the waist connector frequently popping off leaving you with a Prime in 2 parts however as you can see from the pics he makes up for it in sheer detail and accessories.

The figure itself is robust in bot mode made of diescast and plastic with the matrix chest compartment being a highlight. The gun is faithful to the comics and cartoon with the added ability of being able to have the hilt flipped around allowing it to be mounted on roller.

The trailer section is excellent and very sturdy with opening doors and fold out ramp, there is just enough room for a legends class figure or roller to be stored in the rear, the trailer is also a storage area for the alternate fists / hands with 2 trays for storage either side.

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