Monday, 1 February 2010

Retro - G1 Headmasters

What do you guys think to this entry in the TF cannon ? I for one love headmasters, the name seems like a dodgy double meaning but thats probably just come with being and adult :) ..............c'mon HEAD Masters ? lol.

Anyway chunky as they may be I always remember these being my particular faves when I was younger especially snapdragon, not only did he triple change but he had that articulation missing from a lot of other bots, I mean for the 80's having leg, knee, shoulder and elbow articulation on a robot was pretty awesome. Then there was the headmaster gimmick itself, excellent stuff a seperate figure which some poseability who could fly or drive there own vehicle ? PURE AWESOME! however all was not to remain this good, roll on Junior Headmasters :(.................SOB.


  1. I liked them, Hardhead was nice out of them, I prefered the Powermasters though especially Darkwing :)

  2. got to go with Highbrow as another personal fave however the rotors didnt seem to last long when I was a kid :( , also rating Powermasters shame the Decepticons only got 2 though.