Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hasbro Masterpiece Rodimus and Offshoot Targetmaster Picture

Share your thoughts on this fine looking Masterpiece figure over at www.fullmetalhero.com - http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/716-Hasbro-Rodimus-Prime-with-Targetmaster-Offshoot-!!!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Transformers Rescue Bots Wave 1 Revealed

And they are humans! share your thoughts on this new breed of TF toy over in the forums at fullmetalhero.com http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/686-Transformers-Rescue-Bots-Wave-1-New-Pictures-!

Transformers Prima Revealed !

Transformers Prima has been revealed - check him out and share your thoughts in the forums here http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/682-Transformers-Vault-Reveals-first-Pic-of-Prima-!

Dark of the Moon Mirage renamed ??? and Italian ???

Nelson has dropped a would be bombshell over at his site, check out the latest on Mirage not being Mirage here - http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/681-Dark-of-the-Moon-Mirage-Now-Itallian-and-No-longer-Called-Mirage-WTF!

Headrobots Alternate Universe Hothead Upgrade Review

Head over to fullmetalhero.com to see the whole review and share your thoughts via the link http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/683-BBTS-Headrobots-Alternate-Universe-Hothead-Kit

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Fullmetalhero.com Reviews Dark of the Moon Topspin

Check out some awesome pictures and a full review of the new Dark of the Moon Wrecker Topspin here - http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/657-Transformers-Dark-of-the-Moon-DA-10-Topspin-Review

Fullmetalhero.com Reviews DOTM Voyager Sentinel Prime

Head on over to fullmetalhero.com where they've reviewed the upcoming and awesome Voyager Sentinel Prime - Voyager Sentinle Prime Pic Review http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/656-Dark-of-the-Moon-Voyager-Class-Sentinel-Prime-Review

Takara Tomy Website Updates with Lawson Exclusive & Jetwings Optimus

Takara Tomy Official Website updates with new product images of Lawson Black Optimus, Jetwings Prime and the exclusive Darkside United figures - http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/644-Jetwings-Prime-Lawson-Optimus-United-Darkside-Megatron-Optimus-Official-Pictures

MP10 Masterpiece Convoy Set for Tokyo Toyfair 2011

According to Takara Tomy MP10 Convoy will be revealed at the 2011 Toyko Toyfair http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/643-Takara-Tomy-to-Reveal-MP10-Convoy-at-Tokyo-Toyfair-2011

Dark of the Moon Arcee Vehicle Mode Picture

Dark of the Moon USA Exclusive vehicle mode pic - share your thoughts in the forum here http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/649-In-Hand-Picture-of-DOTM-Arcee-Exclusive

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Transformers G1 KRE-O Coming in June 2011

Kapow Toys Newsletter 21/5/11

Instock this weeked are

1) Takara DA01 Bumblebee with Mechtech Holder and Window box
2) Takara DA02 Sentinel Prime
3) Takara DA03 Optimus Prime and Trailer
4) Takara DA04 Ironhide
5) Takara DA09 Roadbuster
6) Takara DA10 Topspin
7) Takara DA12 Airraid
8) Takara DD01 Megatron
9) Takara DD02 Starscream
10) Takara DD03 Barricade
11) Takara DD04 Crankcase
12) Animated Black Hyper Hobby Rodimus
13) Hasbro UK DOTM Megatron
14) Hasbro UK DOTM Ironhide
15) Hasbro UK DOTM Optimus Prime

Due instock this coming week

1) Human Alliance Basic Wave 1
2) Dark of the Moon USA Carded and Boxed Wave 1
3) Dark of the Moon USA Carded Deluxe Wave 2
4) Dark of the Moon USA Carded Deluxe Wave 3 including laserbeak and thundercracker

Scouting Force X has also arrived and will begin shipping out this week, we are still waiting on Hasbro to deliver the rest of our UK dotm stock so those people waiting we apologise and will ship as soon as we get it

Any questions please use the contect us on [EMAIL="contact@kapowtoys.co.uk"]contact@kapowtoys.co.uk[/EMAIL]

Takara Tomy Dark of the Moon Transformers Now Instock

Check them all out at www.kapowtoys.co.uk

Dark of the Moon Wave 3 Official Pictures

Thanks to fullmetalhero.com we can now see official pictures of the Wave 3 Dark of the Moon figures, head on over via the link to check out the new Deluxe, Human Alliance and Voyager figures http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/612-Transformers-Dark-of-the-Moon-Deluxe-Voyager-and-HA-Basics-Wave-3-Pictures

Friday, 20 May 2011

CHMS Deepcover Released !

KOToys is now shipping the brand new CHMS Deepcover figure - check out the extra images and share your thoughts here http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/600-KO-Toys-Deep-Cover-released.

Lawson Dark of the Moon Leader Optimus Prime Picture

Xovergen Grand Patriot Red or Green now £34.95 each

Head on over to www.kapowtoys.co.uk to pick up the Grand Patriot in green or red for just £34.95 whilst stocks last !

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

IGear PP-05 Ironhide ?

IGear have announced PP-05 and boy does it look like Ironhide - check ohttp://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/580-I-Gear-PP-05-Announced-Looks-Like-Ironhideut the news in the forums at www.fullmetalhero.com -

Dark of the Moon Sentinel Prime KO'd already ???

Worrying news for buyers surfaces from ACToys about a possible Sentinel Prime KO already, head on over to the forums to check it out http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/579-Sentinel-Prime-KO-Already

Renderform RF-005 Upgrade Kit

Renderform begin to take orders for this awesome AWESOME! kit - head on over to the forums to share your thoughts http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/575-Renderform-RF-005-Darkwind-Upgrade-Kit

MP-08 Masterpiece Grimlock gets a re-release

the big guy gets a reissue this year, looks like Takara are trying to bankrupt us ! :) check out the full story and share your thoughts in the forum http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/572-Transformers-MP-08-Masterpiece-Grimlock-to-be-re-released

Monday, 16 May 2011

Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Roadbuster Revealed

Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Roadbuster revealed - head on over to the forums to talk about him and all the freshest transformers news http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/530-Cyberverse-Roadbuster-revealed!

Andy Schmidt Leaves IDW - What now for Transformers ?

IDW Editor Andy Schmidt leaves IDW for Hasbro - check out the fill story in the forumshttp://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/531-IDW-Editor-Andy-Schmidt-Departs-for-Hasbro

Dark of the Moon Scanning Series Confirmed for Toys R Us UK

Toys R Us Confirm that the new Scanning Series will soon be available for the UK, talk about it in the forums here http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/527-Toys-R-Us-UK-Confirms-Scanning-Exclusives-and-DOTM-Competition

New Takara Dark of the Moon Vortex Pictures

Available to pre-order at http://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/ soon, discuss this awesome figure in the forums http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/526-Dark-of-the-Moon-Takara-Tomy-Vortex-New-Pictures

Sunday, 15 May 2011

G1 Reflector KO Re-boxed for 2011

KO G1 Reflector has been reboxed in an awesome G1 style window box - head on over to the forums to discuss http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/519-KO-G1-Reflector-Re-boxed-for-2011

I-Gear Release Bee-03

I-Gear release Bee 03 - check out all the details and discuss this unexpected little figure in the forums http://www.fullmetalhero.com/content.php/518-I-Gear-Release-Bee-03-!

Sabrina Ng Amazing Dark of the Moon Optimus Custom