Saturday, 14 May 2011

Kapow Toys Newsletter 14/5/11

Hi there

hope the weekend is treating you well, we're just dropping by to give you our new weekly product update.

First off Dark of the Moon is due instock this week, we cannot sell it before the 16th as we would be subject to a fine by Hasbro.
If you have ordered Dark of the Moon USA or Japanese products they will be arriving toward the end of the week as they need time to travel from overseas.

Hot Instock Items

1) Generations Warpath - 1 per customer
2) Generations Wheeljack
3) Generations Kup
4) Generations Scourge
5) Fansproject Warcry - low stock
6) Fansproject Flameblast - low stock
7) Fansproject TFX-04 Protector
8) Fansproject Crossfire 02 Munitioner and Explorer
9) Masterpiece Megatron
10) Marvel Universe Planet Hulk
11) Marvel Universe Apocalypse
12) Marvel Universe Spiderwoman


1) MP10 Masterpiece Convoy
2) MP09 Rodimus Convoy Vers 2
3) Fansproject CA-03 Thundershred
4) BTS-04 Sonicron
5) Marvel Universe Latest Wave
6) Takara Tomy Shockwave
7) Human Alliance DOTM Basics
8) Human Alliance DOTM Roadbuster & Bumblebee
9) Takara Tomy Jetwings Optimus Prime
10) Takara Tomy DA-03 Optimus with Trailer
11) DOTM Cyberverse ARK playset

Product Updates and Delays

1) Headrobots Blood - currently pushed back and awaiting further news from the company
2) Perfect Effect Scouting Force X - due instock next week
3) Takara Dark of the Moon Wave - due instock next week
4) Hyper Hobby Animated Black Rodimus - due instock next week

As always any questions please ask and dont forget to add us on Facebook and Twitter for daily news and product updates.
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Have a great day!
Andy & The Kapow Toys Team

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