Sunday, 31 July 2011

Transformers Prime Deluxe Starscream Images

Transformers Prime Deluxe Starscream - More inhand images of the highly anticipated dlx class figure from the upcoming line, head on over to FMH to check them out

DA28 DX Optimus Prime New Teaser Image

Check out the latest DX Prime image from Takara Tomy, we've lightened it so you can pick out what colour detail is there! enjoy guys.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

CHMS Reveal Another 3rd Party Classics Style Ultra Magnus

CHMS Magnus has been revealed! head on over to the FMH forums to chat about it Android App Has Arrived !!!!

Now you can get your FMH fix on your Android phone! the new app is here and its free!!!

Kapow Toys Auto Assembly 2011 3rd Party Reservations Now Accepted

AA is nearly upon us and Kapow are now taking reservations for the following items which can be picked up at AA, they cannot be sold at the show so if you want any of the following items please send an email to with your name and what you would like

Items available

1) Fansproject Protector Armour - £70
2) Fansproject Munitioner & Explorer - £90
3) Perfect Effect Scouting Force X - £65
4) Perfect Effect Rumble & Frenzy - £45
5) Perfect Effect Buzzer & Laser - £35
6) Cobra Headrobot - £8
7) Fansproject Warcry & Flameblast - £70
8) Targetroids Hotflame and Screamer £20

9) Scouting Force X Night Ops Exclusive - only available to order at AA - items will be shipped after the show

Cheers guys!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Monday, 25 July 2011

HALO Series 4 Action Figures Now Instock

HALO Series 4 Action Figures are now instock including the 2 new Mongoose sets, follow the link to and start shopping

Hot Toys Tracker Predator Now Instock

The massive Tracker Predator and hound is now instock at Kapow Toys - £169.99 shipped within the UK -

Hot Toys Kevin Flynn Now Instock

The awesome Tron Kevin Flynn 1/6th scale figure is now instock and shipping within the UK and Europe -

Sunday, 24 July 2011

WIN Fansproject Crystal Protector & Henkei 2 Pack - Closes 2nd August

Revoltech Optimus Prime Sci Fi No 030 PRE-ORDER Now Available

PRE-ORDERS for the awesome Revoltech Sci Fi Optimus are now being taken at -

Kapow Toys Newsletter

Now instock!

United Darkside Megatron & Nemesis Prime - thats right folks, Ops is a Decepticon this time!

Dark of the Moon Jetwings Optimus Prime - this guy is a beast!!!

Transformers United Scourge - Chrome Ahoy! -

United Rumble and Frenzy, tiny but awesome figures well worth a spot in your collection

Perfect Effect Scouting Force X
Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Mark VI

Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Mark VI

Dark of the Moon Deluxe Leadfoot Vehicle Mode Images

Head on over to FMH to join in the dicussion on Deluxe Leadfoot

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hasbro Dark of the Moon Deluxe Air Raid Revealed

SDCC has already revealed a new and awesome DOTM figure in the shape of Air Raid who was talked about at Botcon 2011. Head on over to FMH to discuss

Thanks to for bringing us the picture

Dark of the Moon Deluxe Optimus Prime Repaint Another Walmart Exclusive

The DLX Optimus Prime Repaint with huge Voyager Mechtech gun has been offered to us via wholesale in solid cases of 8 and is currently listed as Walmart Exclusive! hopefully that means us brits will see this sucker in Sainsburys just like the original.

Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave Fan Toys FT-02

Another amazing looking 3rd party figure this time of the iconic Soundwave, and he's a tape deck!!

join in the discussion over at FMH via the link

Transformers 3rd Party Masterpiece Blaster ?

Head on over to FMH to join in the discussion on this awesome looking figure

IGear Reveal New PP04 Bumblebee Figure

Check it out! a new fully articulated Bumblebee that transforms into a VW bug! colour us excited.

You can discuss the original news post over at

New Transformers Generations Wave Revealed Blackshadow & Junkion

A new generations wave has finally been announced and here are the case contents!

1) Warpath
2) Wheeljack
3) Sgt Kup
4) Black Shadow
5) Junkion


Monday, 18 July 2011

DOTM Bic Exclusive Dark Steel

Dark of the Moon Exclusive Dark Steel DLX figure - head on over to FMH to share your thoughts

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Win Fansproject Protector Armor & Henkei Rodimus at

Head on over to FMH to find out how to enter and win this awesome prize!!

CHMS Clear Rodimus D.I.Y Kits

CHMS have announced that the clear Rodimus prototypes will actually be a set of limited edition kits, head on over to FMH via the link for the full story

New Kamen Rider Support Equipment & Foodroid Solicitations

Head on over to FMH to check out all the latest Kamen Rider solicitations including new support equipment!

MOTU vs DC 2 Packs Cancelled are reporting that the MOTU Vs DC 2 packs have been cancelled and are no more! check out the whole story by visting the webs No1 MOTU site .

JB Infinity Warfare II Images

Jetwings Optimus Prime Limited Edition Coin

Jetwings Optimus Prime has been released this weekend in Japan and it would seem he comes with a very nice limited coin, head on over to FMH to see more pics and share your thoughts

Transformers DOTM Mudflap Review

Head on over to FMH for the verdict on Wave 3 DOTM DLX Mudflap and share your thoughts

Slagacon Vector Zeta Powermaster Image

Slagacon finally reveal a pic of the new show exclusive Vector Zeta Powermaster upgrade and its looking really nice! if your lucky enough to be attending Slagacon this year get your pre-registration in now to make sure your in with a chance of owning this wicked upgrade.