Sunday, 19 December 2010

Reveal the Shield Fallback review & pictures................yawn

Our interest went after all of 6 pictures which tells you all you need to know really. Fallback isnt a bad toy at all, infact the mold is fantastic and we are big fans of movie Brawn but the problem here is that they havent really done anything apart from paint him in a lame desert camo which isnt a patch on the original Brawn paint job.

As a standalone his articulation is great, he comes with twin pistols and an old school style shoulder gun but its let down by the fact he could have been so much more, a new head would have been '' G1 Outback'' and this guy would be selling, as it stands he is destined to shelf warm which is a shame.

Fansproject TFX-04 Protector pictures & review

As always Fansproject bring the goods, Rodimus the toy isnt a fave here and we think its pretty lame but these guys have rescued him from his mediocrity and made him awesome!

The kit feels nice and solid just like the Magnus armour only difference being you seem to get a whole lot more bang for you £ , the trailer itself can transform into a tank and battlestation whilst also having a detachable roller unit for Sidearm to ride on in gun mode.

The armour itself clips onto Rodimus nice and tight and the much talked about face looks really good in person, my only moan would be that perhaps the arms are a little bulky due to the way Rodimus arms fold up to attach the new ones but its a minor quibble that doesnt detract from a fantastic entry in the Fansproject line up, roll on Causality.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Headrobots Hothead Kit & Universe Hardhead review

The pictures speak for themselves, this truly is an awesome AWESOME! 3rd party kit which makes a good figure great. Instead of having a repaint it now feels like you have a true headmaster figure which if your a fan is fantastic beyond words. It gets an overall score of 9.5 / 10 simply because for £25 it gives so much!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Headrobots - Blood the Dark Warrior Bludgeon Upgrade Kit now available to pre-order

Check it out!!! how to make a product legend in one swoop, HEADROBOTS!!!!!!!


Saturday, 4 December 2010

Reveal the Shield Legends Megatron, Optimus & Starscream review

Here are some pics of the latest G1 legends, we left out Bumblebee because he was naughty during the photo shoot. All these guys are pretty awesome, bare in mind they are all about 2 1/2 inches tall and you get a good bit of play value and quality for under a tenner on import and around a fiver domestic. Megs is the highlight due to the fact he is the closest thing to a G1 Megs we've had for a long time, shame about his orange end though, I would go see a doctor about that mate.