Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fansproject CA-04 Stormbomb Due Instock 10th September

Fansproject CA-04 Stormbomb will be shipping to us asap and be instock for 10th September - PRE-ORDER yours here

Hot Toys DX-09 Batman & DX-08 Joker PRE-ORDERS Now Available At Kapow Toys

Available now and released this coming Marck Kapow Toys are proud to present the Hot Toys DX09 Batman & DX08 Joker Figures  -head on over to or find direct product links below

DX09 Batman - Michael Keaton Version - 1989

DX08 Joker - Nicholson Version - Batman 1989 -

Friday, 26 August 2011

Transformers United Deluxe Now On Sale - Kapow Toys

We've reduced the price on some United Deluxe for a limited period including the following

United Blurr - now £24.95 - save £5 -

United Scourge - now £24.95 - save £5

United Wreck Gar - now £24.95 - save £5

United Wheeljack - now £24.95 - save £5

Visit for all your UK action figure and Transformers needs.

Headrobots Blood The Dark Warrior Upgrade Kit Now Instock @ Kapow Toys

The awesome new Blood Dark Warrior Upgrade for Revenge of the Fallen Bludgeon is now instock at

Walmart Marvel Legends Thor & Captain America Waves Available To PRE-ORDER @ Kapow Toys

World War II Captain America Due October 2011

Nick Fury Due October 2011

Movie Series Captain America Due October 2011 -

Keep it for all your action figures and hard to find import toys.

Transformers Prime Wave 1 Release Date & Case Assortments

Well here they are!! about time :)

Release - 1st November 2011 - US & China

1) Bumblebee x 4
2) Starscream x 2
3) Arcee x 2

1) Optimus x 3
2) Bulkhead x 1

1) Entertainement Battle Packs
- Optimus & Megatron + Human Characters x 2

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Another DOTM Voyager Shockwave Repaint On The Way ???

Or just a photography error ?? have your say and check out the full story over at FMH -

Human Alliance Reverb & Crosshairs Wave Available To PRE-ORDER at

Reverb & Sgt Detour available to order for the 9th September

Half Track & Major Altitude available to order for 9th September

Dragstrip & Master Disaster available to order for 9th September

Crosshair & Sgt Cahnay available to order for 9th September

The final Human Alliance basics wave is now available to pre-order from Kapow and will be instock on or around the 9th September 2011, we expect Reverb and Crosshairs to sell out so be quick :)

MOTU Vs DC 2 Packs Hitting Mass Retail In The USA

Million Publishing United Stepper Packaging Revealed

You can share your thoughts on Stepper over at FMH via the link

DOTM Cannon Force Ironhide In Hand Images

Cannon Force Ironhide in hand vehicle mode pics reveal he isnt really that red ??? :( BOO!! check them out at FMH

Transformers DOTM Lunarfire Optimus Prime In Hand Images

Some in hand images of Lunar Fire Optimus Prime have surfaced - check them out here

TFC Hercules Heavylabor Poster Confirms September Release

You can PRE-ORDER Heavylabor in the UK & Europe from our web store via the link - free shipping within the UK

Share your thoughts on the second Hercules team member over at FMH via the link

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Bishoujo Jean Grey, Ghostbuster Lucy & Commander Cody ART FX Statue Instock

The awesome light up Commander Cody statue is instock and reduced from £109.95 to just £89.95

Ghostbusters Bishoujo Lucy statue now instock with a promotional reduction from £59.95 to just £44.95

Bishoujo Jean Grey now instock also on a promotional price reduced from £59.95 to £44.95 just make sure you dont drop her or you will have an angry phoenix on your hands

KO Henkei Dark Rodimus Debuts On TaboBao

KO Dark Rodimus makes his debut on TaoBao - check out the full story

Maketoy G2 Optimus Trailer Release Date & Price News

Monday, 22 August 2011

New Generations Blurr Upgrade Kit By SideFX

A new company have entered the unlicensed fray in the form of SideFX, check out the full story at FMH and share your toughts on this kit which has so far met with mixed reception

Transformers Coming To Cartoon Network In The UK

Check out the whole story at FMH via the link, no more Youtube!!! wooooo

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Kapow Toys News Letter 20th August 2011

MP08 Grimlock - £124.95 - Free Shipping in the UK - INSTOCK NOW

Perfect Effect PEFR1 - Frenzy and Rumble £44.95 INSTOCK NOW

Perfect Effect Scouting Force X -£64.95 Free UK Shipping - INSTOCK NOW

DOTM Human Alliance Roadbuster - £39.95 INSTOCK NOW

DOTM Leader Ironhide - £54.95 Free UK Shipping INSTOCK NOW

TFC Toys Exgraver £69.95 Free UK Shipping INSTOCK NOW

United Jazz, Tracks, Wreck Gar, Scourge, Kup and more instock - £29.95

Marvel Universe Latest Wave Instock - Doctor Doom, Falcon, Scarlet Spider, Dr Strange (non variant) and Skaar!

Hot Toys Tracker Predator and Hound - £179.95 Free shipping in the UK - INSTOCK NOW

Hot Toys Kevin Flynn £149.95 Free shipping in the UK INSTOCK NOW

Restock on popular Generations figures such as Drift - Thrust - Optimus - Warpath - Bumblebee


Latest wave of Marvel Universe - Steve Rogers, Darkhawk, Namor, X-23 and Ultron

TFC Toys Heavylabor - part 2 of the Hercules Combiner!

Headrobots Blood Upgrade Kit

Revoltech DOTM Optimus Prime

Transformers MP10 Convoy

Art Toys Avenger - Punisher Figure


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