Friday, 5 August 2011

Kapow Toys Newsletter - Auto Assembly 3rd Party Reservations + Headrobots Butcher !!!


we're just dropping in to let you know that the UK's No 1 Transformers convention Auto Assembly is just around the corner and we are currently taking reservations for 3rd party products which cannot be sold at the event but can be collected, if you wish to have any of the following items set aside please email us with your name and what you want to payment is due at the time of collection.

1) Fansproject Protector
2) Fansproject Crossfire 02
3) TFC Exgraver
4) Perfect Effect Laser and Buzzer
5) Perfect Effect Scouting Force X
6) Perfect Effect Rumble and Frenzy
7) Fansproject Warcry and Flameblast
8) TFC Hotflame and Screamer.
9) Headrobots Cobra

We are also happy to announce that the Perfect Effect Scouting Force X Night Ops convention exclusive will be on display and available to order at the show only through Kapow Toys in the UK and Europe, this is a limited edition item which is already fetching a premium on ebay.

Items due instock this coming week include the following

1) TFC Exgraver
2) Perfect Effect Rumble and Frenzy
3) Fansproject Thundershred
4) DOTM Leader Ironhide
5) MP-08 Grimlock
6) SDCC Sentinel
7) Star Wars SDCC Death Star Pack
8) Ultimate Optimus Prime
9) Scouting Force X Restocks

New Pre-orders added

1) Revoltech Sci Fi War Machine
2) Figma Robocop
3) Hot Toys Classic Predator
4) Headrobots Butcher Onslaugt Upgrade Kit

Due to the upcoming convention we will not ship any of the pre-order products this week due to the tight time scale involved however if you are attending the convention and wish to pick your order up please email us and let us know, we will then make sure we pack and take it with us.

Any questions as always please ask, dont forget to add our newsletter, facebook and twitter for all product updates and notifications and for all the latest Transformers and toy news visit


Kapow Toys

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