Saturday, 20 August 2011

Kapow Toys News Letter 20th August 2011

MP08 Grimlock - £124.95 - Free Shipping in the UK - INSTOCK NOW

Perfect Effect PEFR1 - Frenzy and Rumble £44.95 INSTOCK NOW

Perfect Effect Scouting Force X -£64.95 Free UK Shipping - INSTOCK NOW

DOTM Human Alliance Roadbuster - £39.95 INSTOCK NOW

DOTM Leader Ironhide - £54.95 Free UK Shipping INSTOCK NOW

TFC Toys Exgraver £69.95 Free UK Shipping INSTOCK NOW

United Jazz, Tracks, Wreck Gar, Scourge, Kup and more instock - £29.95

Marvel Universe Latest Wave Instock - Doctor Doom, Falcon, Scarlet Spider, Dr Strange (non variant) and Skaar!

Hot Toys Tracker Predator and Hound - £179.95 Free shipping in the UK - INSTOCK NOW

Hot Toys Kevin Flynn £149.95 Free shipping in the UK INSTOCK NOW

Restock on popular Generations figures such as Drift - Thrust - Optimus - Warpath - Bumblebee


Latest wave of Marvel Universe - Steve Rogers, Darkhawk, Namor, X-23 and Ultron

TFC Toys Heavylabor - part 2 of the Hercules Combiner!

Headrobots Blood Upgrade Kit

Revoltech DOTM Optimus Prime

Transformers MP10 Convoy

Art Toys Avenger - Punisher Figure


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