Saturday, 21 May 2011

Kapow Toys Newsletter 21/5/11

Instock this weeked are

1) Takara DA01 Bumblebee with Mechtech Holder and Window box
2) Takara DA02 Sentinel Prime
3) Takara DA03 Optimus Prime and Trailer
4) Takara DA04 Ironhide
5) Takara DA09 Roadbuster
6) Takara DA10 Topspin
7) Takara DA12 Airraid
8) Takara DD01 Megatron
9) Takara DD02 Starscream
10) Takara DD03 Barricade
11) Takara DD04 Crankcase
12) Animated Black Hyper Hobby Rodimus
13) Hasbro UK DOTM Megatron
14) Hasbro UK DOTM Ironhide
15) Hasbro UK DOTM Optimus Prime

Due instock this coming week

1) Human Alliance Basic Wave 1
2) Dark of the Moon USA Carded and Boxed Wave 1
3) Dark of the Moon USA Carded Deluxe Wave 2
4) Dark of the Moon USA Carded Deluxe Wave 3 including laserbeak and thundercracker

Scouting Force X has also arrived and will begin shipping out this week, we are still waiting on Hasbro to deliver the rest of our UK dotm stock so those people waiting we apologise and will ship as soon as we get it

Any questions please use the contect us on [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

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