Monday, 1 February 2010

Device Label Blaster returns!

What are your opinions on Device Label Blaster ? once thought cancelled he has now been scheduled for release in May this year, I'm sure its got something to do with Toshiba showing interest in releasing the line in the USA however will you be buying this figure and if so is it simply to have a G1 style blaster for your universe figure line. He does look nice and the articulation looks good however I'm not sure about there looks like a lot of kibble is stored on the back with the screen being split in 3, there is also the apparent lack of Electro Scrambler which kinda sucks. It is pretty cool that it can store a G1 size cassette in his chest, good job the Encore line has given us Eject Rewind Steeljaw and Ramhorn.

1 comment:

  1. Nice idea, but the Device Label stuff has to go on my "with money been tight ill have to do without" list.