Monday, 1 February 2010

New Reissues in 2010

I included this in our newsletter but this year we have some good news on the reissue front with the following figures confirmed - G1 Predaking (WOOP WOOP) G1 Sixshot - Hybrid Style Galaxy Convoy - Galaxy Force Primus ( Please oh please let it be in the G1 style box)


  1. and - allegedly - the superb Henkei Convoy, for anybody foolish enough to have missed him first time around. like me.


  2. This is fantastic news - any ides when the preorders will go up?

  3. No news on release yet and Ryan is spot on about Henkei Covoy, thats one I forgot. I need that guy to go with powered armour as my Universe version just isnt cutting it. Fingers crossed for a diecast Predaking, we should get some news pretty soon hopefully.