Saturday, 22 October 2011

Kapow Toys Newsletter Issue 2 - Jetpower Optimus Prime & SALE !

First off we've got to tell you about our sale, we've got over 90 items discounted and ready to ship including Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel Universe, Fansproject and Hot Toys - you can check out the dedicated category here -

Here are some of the hottest bargains right now

Fansproject Protector Armour - was £74.99 now £59.99

Next up we've got the Hot Toys Falconer Predator - was £149.99 now £129.99 with free shipping!

Hot Toys Kevin Flynn from Tron Legacy - was  £149.95 now just £99.95 with free shipping

MP08 Masterpiece Grimlock - was £124.95 now £99.95 with free shipping

Transformers United now just £19.99 each

Next up we've got the newly added items and there are some awesome items on PRE-ORDER right now starting off with..................................

MP11A Masterpiece Starscream - comes with new molding on the legs ridding what was an awesome figure of the hip kibble, he also has a full coronation kit as seen in the 1986 Transformers movie including cape, shoulder pads and crown - you can find him here -

Jetpower Buster Optimus Prime and Jetfire 2 Pack - this awesome set originally from ROTF has made a return for this christmas under the DOTM banner - both figures are still the same with Optimus having his premium paint job and buster guns and Jetfire featuring electronics and chrome finishing -

Dark Jetwing Optimus Prime - an asia market exclusive, this repaint features a mixture of Nightwatch and Nemesis Prime colours along with the buster guns, jetwing back pack and remolded ab section

General Updates

Henkei Rodimus - Roddy will be shipping with our allocatio of TFC Heavylabor which we hope will be within the next week, all pre-order will be filled on their arrival.

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