Saturday, 15 October 2011

Kapow Toys Newsletter Issue 1

Here is the latest newsletter keeping you up to date on all the new pre-order and instock items coming to Kapow Toys in the next 3 months! read on for all the goodies

Transformers United - New figures for 2012

UN-23 United Rodimus Convoy

UN-24 United Warpath

UN-25 United G2 Megatron (Thunder)

UN-26 United Thunderwing
UN-27 United Windcharger & Wipeout

UN-29 United Ark Unicron

UN-30 United Optimus Primal

UN-31 United Best Megatron

Next up is the highly anticipated Transformers Prime

Check out the current PRE-ORDERS for Bumblebe - Optimus - Arcee - Bulkhead - Starscream here

Coming soon Cliffjumper !

3rd Party Items

TFC Heavylabor - Due 1st week November 2012

Headrobots Butcher

Transformers Generations

Generations Black Shadow

Generations Junkheap

MP09B Black Rodimus

Transformers Encore


Encore Soundblaster


Blitzway Scarface Tony Montana

Hot Toys

Huge amount of Hot Toys PRE-ORDERS still available

Hot Toys DX-09 Batman

Hot Toys DX-08 Joker

Hot Toys Predators Noland

Hot Toys Iron Man 2 Mark II

Hot Toys Avatar Jake Sully

Hot Toys Superman

Current Instock Items and New Arrivals

Sci Fi 030 Revoltech Optimus Prime

DMK-01 Optimus Prime Dual Model Kit

MP10 Masterpiece Convoy

Chronicles 02 Megatron

Chronicles 01 Convoy / Optimus Prime

Perfect Effect Night Ops Convention Exclusive Scouting Force X

Headrobots Blood Upgrade Kit

Takara MP-08 Masterpiece Grimlock

Full range of Transformers Generations Figures

Full range of Transformers United Figures now at the reduced price of £24.95 each

The New PRE-OWNED section is now up and running with new items added weekly including a lot of Transformers G1 weapons and parts

Coming instock asap within the next 7 - 10 days

Hot Toys Biohazard Alice

Hot Toys Spider Man 3 New Goblin

Fansproject Backfiery

General Updates

Encore Devastator is due for release on the 17th November 2011

Upcoming PRE-ORDERS to be added

1) Dark Jetwings Optimus Prime

2) Takara TF Prime Cliffjumper

3) Takara TF Prime Bulkhead

Any questions or queries please email us at


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