Saturday, 10 September 2011

Kapow Toys Newsletter - MP10 Incoming !!! Heavylabor on the way

Hi there, welcome to another edition of our newsletter keeping you up to date on all the latest PRE-ORDER products availble, instock updates and more!

MP10 is nearly upon us, due the end of September / early October the new redux of the Autobot Commander is here, standing in scale with Rodimus this version of Optimus comes with better articulation, more weapons, accessories and a trailer!! -

DMK01 Optimus Prime Dual Model Kit
We've got the new DMK01 Optimus Prime snap kit incoming due end of September / Early October

Dont worry we havent forgotten the yellow peril, DMK02 Bumblebee is also available due September / Early October 2011

MP09 Rodimus 2nd Edition ( they've worked the kinks out!) due end of September / Early October - hurry! only 4 left

The 2nd figure in the Hercules combiner series Heavylabor is due end of September / Early October, these guys are selling fast and if you want to know why check out the full on combined mode pic of Herc below

The DOTM Chronicles sets of Optimus and Megatron are finally due to arrive end of September / Early October - Ops comes with an interchangeable trailer and Megatrons DOTM edition is chromed!

The reissue of Henkei Rodumus is due instock end of September / Early October, grab one for a good price rather than the horrendous secondary market prices which are currently doing the rounds -

Generations Wave 5 Junkheap and Blackshadow are now available to PRE-ORDER and are due November 2011 - will these the final pair for quite some while ?? lets hope not

If you dont want to part with the money for the DMK01 then here is the answer, Revoltech Sci Fi Optimus Prime, no building necessary along with awesome detail and weapons makes this a winner - due September / October -

Fansproject Backfiery is the final Casaulity Insect warrior and he is due in October, you can still pre-order him here, dont miss out because these guys are amazing!

Full range of Wave 1 Transformers : Prime figures available to PRE-ORDER and due this November

Due Instock This Week

A mighty restock of the new Human Alliance figures including Dragstrip, Half Track, Whirl and Tailpipe! Reverb and co will follow approx 2 weeks later.

Coming Soon!


General Information and Delays

1) United G2 Optimus Prime is still sadly not on the horizon, many of you seasoned buyers will have noticed no new stock of this figure has appeared on ebay and the delay is squarely with Takara who have stated it will release before the end of the year.

1) New address - we have moved! :) we are now located at

Kapow Toys
Vulcan Road North

Collector Bam still lives!!! in around a months time the new free to use auction website for action figures and toys will go live and its yours to use as you see fit!, no final value fees and no insertion fees means the only thing you will have to deal with are Paypal fees should you choose to use it! HUZZAH!!!

Thats about it folks

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Until next time!!! take care and have a good one.

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