Saturday, 3 September 2011

Kapow Toys Newsletter 3rd September 2011 - Transformers Prime PRE-ORDERS Available

Hi guys, welcome to another newsletter, not ones for a lot of talk you will find all the latest instock and pre-order items below with active links directly to the store so no time searching in vain!!.

We've got some great new PRE-ORDERS up main the new Hot Toys DX Batman and Joker along with the first waves of Transformers Prime action figures, read on for all the goodies!


MP10 Masterpiece Convoy due this September -

TFC Toys Heavylabor -  the 2nd Hercules team member hits this September

Headrobots Butcher - Classics Onslaught Upgrade Kit due September / October

Beelzeboss Growing Pains Goldbug Upgrade Kit - Due September / October 2011

Revoltech Sci Fi Optimus Prime due September October 2011 -

Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Classic Predator due 4th Quarter 2011 -

Hot Toys DX Batman 1/6 Scale Figure - Due 2012 -

Hot Toys DX Joker 1/6 Scale Figure Due 2012 -

Transformers Prime - Voyager Optimus Prime figure - Due November 2011 -

Transformers Prime Bumblebee Figure - Due November 2011

Transformers Prime Starscream Deluxe Action Figure - Due Novmeber 2011

Transformers Prime Bulkhead Figure Due November 2011 -

Transformers Prime Arcee Figure - Due November 2011 -

Transformers Prime Entertainment Pack - Due November 2011 -

Latest INSTOCK Products

Perfect Effect Scouting Force X - Instock & Ready To Ship

Headrobots Blood The Dark Warrior - Bludgeon Upgrade Kit Instock & Ready To Ship

Beelzeboss Devil Horns 02 Yellow Cliffjumper Upgrade Kit

Large Range of Transformers United Figures Including Blurr, Wheeljack, Wreck Gar, Perceptor, Kup, Frenzy and Rumble -

Large Range Of Transformers Generations Action Figures Instock & Ready To Ship

Due INSTOCK This Week

Delays and General Updates

1) United G2 Optimus - due end of September early October - delays are Takara Tomy and now Kapow - sadly we cant hurry this guy along for those waiting and a full refund is available as required

2) Kapow Toys Site Revamp - toward the end of September Kapow Toys will be under going a face lift with some brand new functions appearing for your use and enjoyment, these will include

- A news page including the latest figure and toy updates with sneak previews and news.

- Interactive members forum for you to discuss the latest toys, news and reviews and ask us any questions you have about your orders or product queries.

- Clearer product descriptions and item notifications including pre-order delays and updates.

- Brand new Newsletter with better functionality including non member sign up

As always thanks for stopping by, any questions or queries please feel free to contact us at

You can also find us on Twitter - Kapow_Toys
Facebook  - Search Kapow Toys

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