Saturday, 12 February 2011

MP-09 Masterpiece Rodimus Prime (Rodimus Convoy) Review

First off we have waited a good 2 weeks before doing this review so we got a good feel for the toy and didnt go off half cocked, there have been a lot of complaints about this guy and we wanted enough time to see if they were right or wrong.

In our humble opinion Roddy isnt the worst Masterpiece ( if there is a thing ) but he sure isnt the best either, to sum it up the phrase '' its the quality not the quantity'' is best used. There is no arguing he is a gorgeous figure to look at, its almost as if Hot Rod or Rodimus has stepped off the screen and if your looking for a static display piece you will love him, if your looking for a collectable toy however read on!

There is far too much going on with Rodimus, it should have been one or the other and not somewhere in the middle which is where he sits, for an MP he is too small, we've gone from the beast that is MP-01 Optimus to the tiddler which is MP-09 in 6-7 years which is quite alarming, give it that time span again and we will probably be paying £130 + for something the size of a deluxe with a mass of trailer kibble. The figure itself is okay but the engineering is over the top, we commend the guy who designed him but this is a collectable toy and not a real life transformer so lets take it down a notch, did he really need such a complicated mid section ? such flimsy leg panels ? such delicate hands ? etc etc etc. 

In short he doesnt deserve the flack he has been getting over the last few weeks but he doesnt deserve a mass of kudos either, some of the problems being talked about like the backpack are born from people being too scared to get stuck in and give the parts a good push (which ours appears to be able to take). The guns do indeed not like staying in his hands very well but then Optimus was a suspect for this aswell so we really cant say its the end of the world its just another niggle in a good size list.

In short if you purchase this figure you will probably be underwhelmed with him out of the box, you may also experience the QC problems many already have, give it time however and he will earn a place in your collection just not that central focus you probably imagined.

Overall 6/10

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