Saturday, 19 February 2011

Kapow Auctions is coming!!!

Fed up with Ebay ? had enough of paying crazy high fees just to sell your toys and games, well hope is here in the shape of Kapow Auctions due to start May 2011.

1) No final value fee

2) Auction style format with live moderation

3) Choose your own payment methods from Paypal - Google Checkout - Cheque - Cash

4) Single insertion fee on all items you want to list with discounts for opening your own store

5) Help and support from real people with no cut and paste replies

6) Open marketplace for the UK - USA and EUROPE

7) Interactive forum for auction discussion and more

So are you ready ? do you want it ? let us know your thoughts and what else you want to see!!!


  1. Just after I listed Sixtrain and Sixbuilder on eBay, oh well ;)

  2. Sounds good, guys! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this. :D