Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Xovergen Grand Patriot Review

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This guy is strange - awesome presentation box, nice little comic and a neat idea, it just doesnt quite come off.

First impressions when you get it out of the box are ''my god its light!'' you then panic that its fragile and is going to break in your hands until you spend a bit of time with it.

It is indeed a big toy, I think its the biggest unofficial figure out there if you dont include the Teletran 1 set, the trailer feels kinda big and not needed until you realise that this thing is supposed to be compatible with 3-3/4 inch Joe figures and then it takes on a new lease of life as you can see from the pics.

The cab itself is a nice if flawed idea, I dont personally have any issues with mine standing up straight or the backpack clipping into place tightly enough, what a lot of people are missing is the fact the wheel assembly can ratchet and also push in on itself causing it to narrow so it can slot smoothly into place on the figures back.

The joints are also suprisingly strong and mine feels durable, its been put through the mill with no stress marks over the last 24 hours which is quite pleasing, its also worth noting that there is a gentle knack needed for transforming back into Rolling Thunder mode, if you push on the inside of the leg near the inner knee they should slide back down smoothly without any probs.

In short spend some time with GP and you will probably really like him even though your first impression will be ZOMG!!!!!!!!!! the question is are you willing to part with the $ or £ to spend said time

Overall 6/10

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  1. Agreed, I actually like the alt mod, but the robot mode just seems.... naff. I wouldn't spend that much money for something I only like in one mode.