Sunday, 9 January 2011

Transformers Generations Scourge review

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Overall 7/10

One of the best Transformers characters period gets a good if not great figure.

Smaller than you would expect especially when placed next to Cyclonus, Scourge contains lots of nice detailing and an awesome if not overly complicated arm transformation which will guarantee many a child breaks it into a million pieces

It has a fantastic head sculpt and some really great touches like the wing storage for the weapons and the pinky red fingers just like he has in the cartoon, its also a nice bonus he can hold Nightstick seeing as the gun doesnt transform ( it does split up and form 2 guns for duel wield).

The bomber mode (pics coming later) is cool and a nice update on the space jet / WTF is that mode he had in G1 if a little bland on the colour front, it does have landing gear but is too heavy in the rear which means it tips backwards.

Last but not least check out the wings, many an early picture showed some horrendous transformations for this part making people think it was a backpack / kibble feast, the good news that it has a neat transformation where they can fold in on themselves then pivot down on a hinge to form his G1 style wings, there is no need to unfold the storage lids to do this.


  1. thats awesome, love the pictures

  2. You can pull his head out further that'll help with the height issue.