Saturday, 18 February 2012

Kapow Toys Newsletter Issue 7

Welcome to issue 7 of Kapow Toys News

First up we've got our in stock and new arrivals

1) Maketoys Giant Bulldozer & Excavator Kapow Toys the first 2 parts of the limited edition yellow Giant figure

2) Maketoys Battle Tanker 1st Edition with Drift Sword -  upgrade your G2 RTS Prime!

3) Million Publishing United Stepper Whats he stepping on ? who care's he's awesome !

4) TFC Toys Neckbreaker Herc gets his other arm! we get another awesome toy!

5) TFC Toys Madblender  he's mad and he blends, he also forms Hercs last remaining leg.

6) Reveal the Shield RTS legends Set of 6 they can fit in your pocket! if that's your bag ?

7) DOTM Steetside Bot Brawl 3 Pack and Singles you need these, no really.

8) Batman Legacy and Movie Masters restocked tell your friends about me! no wait........them ?

9) Star Wars Vintage Wave 1 Phantom Menace mmmmmmmmmmmmm, Naboooooooo!

10) G.I Joe Latest Wave Law and Order, Lifeline and co the 3-3/4 inch line that's awesome but no one seems to like

11) TDF Warlordarians - always wanted a Mando Crusader ? then these are for you, sorry George

12) Hot Toys Captain America - he's hot and he is a captain, buy it!

13) Transformers Prime Entertainment Pack 2 - Screamer and Bumble in stock this coming week.

Right now its on to the Pre-orders

1) Transformers Prime Wave 1 UK Stock - due March

2) Transformers Prime Wave 2 US Stock - due End of Feb / early March

3) Transformers Prime Micron Arms - Kapow Toys due though out the first part of 2012

4) Maketoys Giant Crane and Dump Truck - Kapow Toys their kids, they will not be pretty!

5) Maketoys Giant Front End loader and without them Giant's going to have a hard time walking, show mercy!

6) MP11A Masterpiece Starscream Kapow Toys with no hip kibble he wants to be your lord! look at that cape.

7) Marvel Legends Wave 2 Arnim Zola Case Deal we're not sure who Arnim Zola is but he looks cool

8) Toyworld Hegemon -whats a Hegemon ??? we don't know but he looks a lot like Megatron, nice!

9) Fall of Cybertron Jazz - no its not a show tune, its our fave Autobot roll call expert

10) Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime looking more and more like a milk float each day Op returns to the Generations line up.

11) Fall of Cybertron Shockwave - He's purple and likes to shock waves, he's also an awesome looking toy

12) Crazy Devy Hercules Upgrade head - fan of decapitation ? or just love G1 ? then this is for you!

13) Mastermind Creations Knight Morpher X trains and robots collide for a tasty result! choo choo!

14) Human Alliance Soundwave Kapow Toys fed up he got canned ? fear not we've got you covered.

General Updates

1) Super Alloy orders - we're still waiting on our stock, these being made for us and have no relation to X-Transbots at all, we do not have a firm date as yet

2) Beelzeboss - no updates from these guys since Jan sadly, we will keep you in the loop

3) G1 section - do you want us to add more parts and toys ? let us know with some feedback via email, Facebook or here.

4) T-Shirts - coming soon, lots of lovely t-shirts ! Joe, Video Gaming and Movies

5) Comic Subscriptions - 12 month subs to beat the rest coming soon for some of IDW's finest!

As always any questions please ask, you can reach us at

You can also find us on Facebook - search Kapow Toys and send us a friend request

Twitter - @ Kapow_Toys

Thanks for your time, your patience, your help and your custom, we appreciate it all


Kapow Toys

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