Sunday, 4 December 2011

Kapow Toys Newsletter Issue 5 - Primes Everywhere !

Welcome to the latest edition of Kapow Toys News


First off we'll get the new arrivals out of the way

1) DA-28 Striker Optimus Prime - awesome rendition of the movie leader with remolded ab section and additional stealth force mode

Kapow Toys


2) Jetpower Optimus Prime - Buster Prime and Jetfire 2 Pack - no explanations needed, probably the most sought after movie Optimus yet along with Jetfire who strangely sounds like Shrek when you press his voice button ??

Kapow Toys


3) MP09B Masterpiece Black Rodimus - Yep, Rodimus in black, he sure looks nice but does anyone else think he looks like is rocking a pair of mint green cycling shorts under that waist piece ?

Kapow Toys


4) Human Alliance Soundwave - was in stock but sold out quicker than Take That tickets, he back on pre-order and due in the next 10 days

Kapow Toys


5) Thundercats - yep, furry warriors from Thundera grace Kapow with their 4'' and 6'' glory! grab them whilst you can as they are expected to be the hot toy this xmas

Kapow Toys


6) Transformers Prime DLX Bumblebee - He who does not speak is now in stock and ready to ship! Arcee and Starscream are sadly yet again sold out - pre-orders will start shipping this week and continue through to mid December as stock arrives

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7) Generations Junkheap - The junky one is here and makes a perfect ride for Wreck Gar or slave for Ratchet, your choice!

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8) Sky Shadow - having had his name changed from the more threatening Black Shadow, dear old Sky sits sulking awaiting you to give him the new home he so craves, with your love only you can unlock the hidden rewards this loving Decepticon can give.

Kapow Toys


9) Masters of the Universe Restocks - Battle Cat, Skeletor , Battleground Teela and Bow She-Ra's special friend...............really ?

Kapow Toys


Lucky Draw Mechtech Weapons - chose from 4 including 2 power saws, the heat blade or the plasma bullet, stock is low so be quick!

Kapow Toys


Right next up are the pre-orders !

Hercules is near complete with all 4 remaining team members available to order

1) Structor - due in stock mid December

Kapow Toys


2) Dr Crank - due in stock late December

Kapow Toys


3) Mad Blender ( best name hands down ) due 1st quarter 2012

Kapow Toys


4) Neck Breaker due 1st quarter 2012

Kapow Toys



1) Battle Tanker - due instock mid December - an awesome upgrade for RTS or United Optimus Prime !

Kapow Toys


2) Bomber and Hover - Legends Class size figures - fully transformable with amazing detail!

Kapow Toys


Transformers Prime

Takara Transformers Prime descends upon this month and there is still time to place your order!

Kapow Toys


Crazy Devy

From the developing madhouse we bring you the CDMW-02J Construction Brigade Hip Set

Kapow Toys


Dr Wu

Upgrade your Protector with the DW-01P Face Off set

Kapow Toys


BTS Toys

You want transforming tapes ? probably not if your 16 and under but we've got them anyway! the Minion Series A Tremor and Frequenzy due Jan 2012

Kapow Toys


Transformers Dark of the Moon

Year of the Dragon Ultimate Optimus Prime - not for everyone this limited edition Prime commemorates.......... um ? the Year of the Dragon ?

Kapow Toys


Non Transformers

TDF Bring us the first of their 3/34 inch troop building figures in the shape of the Mandalorian Crusader inspired Warlordarian Warriors which you can order in singles or a case of 12 which contains 2 x Red Commanders !

Kapow Toys


Next up are the general updates and announcements

1) Encore Devastator - totally sold out with all pre-orders currently shipping, thanks to all that made this one of the hottest selling products this year

2) Dark of the Moon Deluxe - no news on the next wave of DOTM deluxe other than the Soundwave and Q wave which was due this month but may now have been pushed back until 2012.

3) Transformers Trilogy - this line does not exist and seems to have been a total fabrication made up by and over excited fan, we sadly don't know anything about the future of the movie line and have no upcoming products to list.

4) Hotmail - customers with hotmail email will not currently be able to receive our newsletter, this is due to the recent upgrade of Hotmail security which has caused problems for companies worldwide, its okay though as myself and everyone else I know still seems to be able to get the spam about viagra on a daily basis Order updates should remain unaffected.

5) Kapow News Feed - we are currently trialing a new homepage news feed which you can find here - Kapow Toys in future this is where we hope to post daily news, galleries and newsletters so you don't have to keep logging into your email to get the latest updates.

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