Thursday, 31 March 2011

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Just dropping in to let you know the latest on the anticipated pre-orders

All due in the next week to 10 days are the following items

1) Masterpiece Optimus Prime

2) Masterpiece Megatron

3) United Wave 3

4) TFX04 Protector Armour restocks

5) E-Hobby 3 Packs

6) Generations Warpath

7) Generations Wheeljack

8) Generations Thundercracker

9) Generations Kup

10) Generations Scourge

11) RTS Lugnut

12) RTS Strafe

13) RTS Grapple

14) I-Gear Kup Head kit

15) Cliffjumper Devil Horns upgrade set

All pre-orders will ship within 3 days of the items arriving instock with us excluding weekends

We also need to take this oppurtunity to ask customers once again to not order pre-orders due on different dates or pre-order and instock on the same invoice, it causes a delay in processing your items and we do not have the facility to hold the stock back for months on end whilst waiting for the items to collect instock, if you require any further info on this please refer to our terms and conditions or just send us an email and we'll be happy to help with any queries you have.

Any questions with regard to any of the above please direct them to

All the best and many thanks

The Kapow Toys Team

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