Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hunt for the Decepticons Tomahawk review

Tomahawk - wicked little figure if a little light on good leg articulation, he transforms from gunship to Autobot pilot and back. Nice little touches include gattling guns on the end of the wings and a head sculpt which looks like he is wearing a helmet.

The rotors spin freely in alt mode and store okay in bot mode however they do get in the way a little bit, it would have been nicer if they folded up totally rather than in half.

Launchers are good, they can detach and be placed on his forearms or wings, they can also fit on other Transformers figures with the new rail / attachment gimmick.

Well worth a punt especially seeing as Hasbro UK have ditched plans to release him and Terradive in the UK........................but does that really suprise you ?

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