Sunday, 31 October 2010

I-Gear Faith Leader 2nd Review - Verdict

Well its a straight up knock off, you cant deny it or argue the point, it is however a sublime knock off that we love :) .

If you like your Classics / Generations figures then this is the leader for you, I've personally never been a great fan of Classics Optimus Prime, its good but something always felt a little bit off, sure you needed him to lead your Autobots but that was about all, until now!.

The Faith Leader is in scale with other Classics / Universe figures and also as you can in the photos with MP Grimlock, the quality is good especially considering the whole figure has been downsized without the removal of any parts and the plastic is sturdy with very little QC problems.

The QC problems which do exist tend to be the same ones throughout - the pistons can be missing from the arms or legs which isnt a big deal as they are cosmetic and the panels used to extend the hands can get stuck and require a tool to flip them out.

His poseability is awesome, the ratchet joints are strong and the accessories are superb, you get 1 gun for the I-Gear figure and 1 gun for the original Classics Prime, an Orion Pax head, Megatron head, Mini Megatron gun, Energo Axe and 2 capes!.

Overall I would recommend the figure, it is a knock off and it is expensive so make it a considered buy and only one if you have the money spare, that said you wont be dissapointed.

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