Wednesday, 19 May 2010 Star Wars TVC Dack Ralter review

Star Wars TVC Dack Ralter is one smooth figure :) , we werent expecting much from the Vintage Collection line but they truly appear to be a step up from Legacy. First off the figures build feels more solid with a softer but more hardy plastic used in the construction. The extra size and height also add to the detail of the figure seemingly allowing more movement in the legs than before, sadly however the thigh is a simple back and forth joint and not on a ball. Overall these appear to be a great addition to the universe and if they are a sign of things to come count us in.


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  2. how on earth did i manage to remove that?

    anyway! as i was saying: these are nice figures, the obligatory solo and fett are highlights for me, but i can't help but think for the most part they're on a par with the better figures from Legends.

    i'm just waiting to see what the snow/scout/storm troopers (they did an at at, they're coming!) look like :)