Sunday, 7 March 2010

G1 Piranacon Review

G1 Piranacon - one of the hardest G1 combiners to complete. As you can this combiner comes with a similar amount of accessories to say Bruticus but the 3 piece stands and 6th team member bump the number of parts way up there, the only other combiner who is perhaps harder to complete is G1 Monstructor / Dinoking.

As with all G1 pieces Piranacon and the individual seacons are limited to arm articulation alone, each bot has a nicely presented bot and beast mode along with a targetmaster mode (Snaptrap not included).

All smaller team members can be interchanged for arms or legs as with most G1 combiners with the 6th member being used as a targetmaster in gestalt mode, when doing this you have to be careful that the bot chosen for the arm does not have a section which blocks the positioning of the targemaster a frequent problem seen with most bots apart from Overbite.

Piranacons colours are just the right side of garish, he's an original robot and one of the last generic gestalts before the idea was put on the back-burner, we would recommend him to all with the only downside being the price, in the UK a complete Piranacon can set you back £150 + with the USA being even more pricey at an average - £175 + .

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